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First and foremost, I am a proud mom of a wonderful second-grader! By education, a linguist and Yoga Alliance certified and registered 500 RYT yoga teacher. My biggest loves (apart from my son and husband) have always been, and always will be, books.

Hi, I’m Sandra

SAN in my native language means Dream, therefore DREAMdra…
Yoga is all I could have ever dreamed of, and it’s fulfilling my dreams. For me, it is a powerful and tangible tool of a meaningful transformation to a healthier, happier, better, and more humane experience. It helped me immensely on a physical plane – cured me from a chronic low back pain, schiatica, insomnia, but, I actually got hooked on it for life because it gave me the tools to manage my emotional and psychological well-being in order to live more fully, as better an happier person.
Dispite my official Yoga Alliance approved cerificates for yoga teacher, I will remain grateful, open-minded and humble student of yoga till I breathe on this lovely planet Earth – amazingly beautiful in this place of Ingham county, where I happened to land!!!
And I hope that, by the honest and true love I feel for yoga, I will be blessed to pass the spark further on to others…

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East Lansing, MI